Umpire Trading Pins

Share a memorable keepsake at the next big tournament or event with our custom umpire trading pins. Designed by our talented team of artists, we’ll create something unique that shows off your style and personality. A great way to commemorate your participation as an umpire, referee, or official, and share pins with colleagues and competitors.

Why All-Star Trading Pins?


Decades of experience making pins for teams, organizations, and umpires. You can trust us to understand what makes a great trading pin.


From the materials we use to the craftsmanship that goes into your pin, we produce a high-quality pin that you will be proud to trade.


Real artists based in the United States are ready to create fully custom designs that translate into stunning trading pins.


Transparent pricing that lets you know exactly how much you'll pay for your pins. No last-minute upcharges or hidden fees from us.

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What's IncludeD
All these features come free with your order!

Turning to All-Star Trading Pins is the easiest call you’ll make this season. There’s a reason so many officials, referees, and umpires turn to us for their custom pins. You get this and so much more when you order through us.

Want something different than the stock designs other companies offer? You’ve come to the right place.

All-Star Trading pins features a fully staffed squad of real professional artists. Our designs are fully custom and won’t be recycled for others. Need your likeness turned into a caricature or cartoon? We can do that too. Whether you have a design in mind or want our creative team to come up with something fresh, we’ve got you covered.

Up to 7 enamel colors are included with each pin at no extra cost. Additional colors are just $0.05 per color.

There’s no holding back when it comes to the metal used in your trading pin. With a thickness of at least 1.5mm, these pins can withstand drops and are meant to last.

All pins 1.5″ and larger will come with dual clutches so they secure better on wherever you display your pins. We even have a full array of colors to compliment your pins design.

Shipping is always free and included in your initial quote. Pins ship via UPS or FedEx and typically take 3-5 business days to arrive. Unfortunately, we do not offer expedited shipping options.

Pin Extras


Starting at $0.50 per pin.


Starting at $0.50 per pin.


Starting at $0.75 per pin.

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Starting at $0.10 per pin.


Some questions we receive abour our umpire and referee pins.

Our traditional soft enamel umpire trading pins are crafted from a blend of iron and zinc alloy while boasting premium enamel paints polished to a shine. They are a minimum of 1.5mm in thickness and feature either a rubber or metal clasp on the back.

The alternative offset printed pins are printed on a stainless steel face and covered with an epoxy dome to protect the pin for years to come.

Our most popular size chosen by umpires is 1.5″. This provides enough space for a fun design, your name, and even information about yourself or the tournament. For bigger tournaments like Cooperstown where pin trading is more prominent, some umpires opt for pins up to 2″ in size.

Orders take approximately 2-3 to ship after being placed.  This can fluctuate depending on the time of year, but we will do our best to provide an accurate in-hands date for your order.

We recommend ordering pins as early as possible to prevent issues.

Our team of artists can work off just about anything you can send in. Photos, images, sketches, or just some descriptive text of what you’d like to see on your pin. We recommend including your name (or nickname), the tournament, year, and even your hometown.

With that information, we’ll take it from there and get started on a fully custom design.

Absolutely! Our art team has a professional caricaturist on staff as well as designers who can turn your photo into a cartoon version that is perfect for a soft enamel pin.

Depending on the scope of the work, there may be an additional art fee upfront. You will receive the final art files so that you can use that art on other ventures.

Yes we do! Shipping to Canada is included in our prices. We do not cover any potential taxes or dues assessed by the Canadian government (we rarely see this).