Cooperstown Trading Pins

Let us help make that trip to Cooperstown a memorable one. With expert craftsmanship and a talented design team, we’re ready to send your team to the village with the best trading pins around. Decades of experience, affordable prices, and free shipping make us the go-to source for custom Cooperstown trading pins.

Why All-Star Trading Pins?


Put your trust in a team with over 60 years of combined experience in the trading pin industry. We know what makes a special Cooperstown pin.


Trading pins at Cooperstown is serious business. We use higher quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure your pin stands out.


Fully based in the United States, our talented team of artists have decades of experience designing pins. Work with us to create a memorable pin.


Our goal is to provide a superior product that is affordable for everyone. We work with your team's budget, not the other way around.

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What's IncludeD
We include all of the following features for free!

We feel it’s important to be transparent with pricing. That’s why the quote you receive includes everything from design to shipping to your door. There are no hidden fees.

We don’t work off templates here. Your pin design is fully custom and created by our talented art team based entirely in the United States. And if you don’t like what we mocked up at first, we offer unlimited revisions until we get it right.

We love colorful pins which is why we include up to 7 enamel colors at no extra charge.

Our soft enamel pins use a solid metal base that is 1.5mm in thickness (thicker for larger pins). That’s 25% thicker than most of our competitors. A solid base creates a more durable pin with a higher quality feel.

Every trading pin we make over 1.5″ comes with dual clutches at no extra cost (other competitors charge for this). This prevents the pin from spinning and

All orders ship free to the United States and Canada. The quote you receive from us is what you pay for everything shipped to your door.

Pin Add-Ons


Starting at $0.59 per pin.


Starting at $0.59 per pin.


Starting at $0.99 per pin.

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Starting at $0.10 per pin.


The most common questions about our Cooperstown trading pins.

Our soft enamel baseball pins are comprised of a steel or iron base metal. It is then struck with a custom die based off the shape and design of your pin. These are then plated with nickel, brass, copper, or a custom paint color.

Pins are then hand-painted with colored enamel to fill in the recessed areas. The pin is finally polished to create a beautiful finish.

Most pin orders take between 2-3 weeks in production. Some special pina or large orders may take longer. During the months of April through July soft enamel pins can take longer to produce. You will be informed before placing your order as to what our current turnaround time is. We advise placing orders at least a month before your tournament in the event of unforeseen shipping delays.

Our pricing is based on size, quantity, and any additional features you have chosen. Please view our pricing chart for estimates or fill out the quote form to get an exact price.

One of the benefits of having a world-class design team is we can work with just about anything you send over. While high-resolution images and vector files are helpful, we can create a design off a napkin sketch if it comes to it. Just send as much information as you can (links to websites and social media accounts help!) and our design team will work their magic.

Cooperstown is a unique tournament which can see over 100 teams participating at a time. For that, we recommend ordering at least 100 pins per player.

Don’t forget that pin trading is for everyone. Ordering extras for family members to trade can make the event extra special. And as the quantity goes up, the price per pin goes down.