Custom Softball Trading Pins

No softball season is complete without some quality trading pins. A great way to build new friendships, show sportsmanship, and create a keepsake that they will cherish for a lifetime. We would be honored to build a beautiful custom design and ensure you have the best softball pins at the next big tournament.

Why All Star Trading Pins?


Our 60 years of combined experience making trading pins ensures you will be working with a company that understands what teams want.


Don’t get stuck ordering a cheap pin that falls apart. Our high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship will deliver a stunning softball trading pin.


A graphic design team based in the United States is ready to get to work building out a fully custom design today. We provide unlimited revisions.


We aim to provide a superior product at an affordable price. The quote you get is what you pay, there are no hidden fees.

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What's IncludeD
We include all of the following features for free!

Our transparent pricing and unmatched features makes us the true All-Stars of the softball trading pin industry. We offer world-class design, impeccable craftsmanship, and a level of transparency you won’t find anywhere else.

The design you receive from us is 100% custom. We don’t work off templates or stock images. Your team deserves a pin that has not been seen before.

With up to 7 enamel colors included in your order, we’ll be able to build a pin for even the most complex and colorful designs.

Don’t get cheated by companies that skimp on the metal. Our pins are a solid 1.5mm thick to ensure a strong, durable base. Many other pin companies work at 1.2mm thickness to save on their costs. This leads to breaks and bending that can ruin your pins.

Every pin we make over 1.5″ comes with dual clutches at no extra cost (most companies charge extra for this). This allows your pins to stay secure and not spin when you are displaying them.

All orders ship completely free to the United States. In fact, shipping is included in the quote we provide for you.

Pin Add Ons


Starting at $0.10 per pin.


Starting at $0.59 per pin.


Starting at $0.10 per pin.

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Starting at $0.10 per pin.


The most common questions about our softball trading pins.

Our soft enamel softball pins are comprised of a steel or iron base metal. It is then struck with a custom die based off the shape and design of your pin. These are then plated with nickel, brass, copper, or a custom paint color.

Pins are then hand-painted with colored enamel to fill in the recessed areas. The pin is finally polished to create a beautiful finish.

Our softball pins typically within 2-3 weeks of your payment. Some specially designed pins or large orders may take longer. You will be informed before placing your order as to what our current turnaround time is. We advise placing orders as early into the season as possible to avoid the rush.

Pricing for our pins is based on size, quantity, and any add-ons you have chosen. Please check out our pricing chart or fill out the quote form to get a more precise sum.

Our talented graphic art team has experience working with all sorts of art. While a large image file of your logo works best, we’ve been able to put together designs based off sketches or doodles. Just give us a chance to show you what we can do.

Fill out our quote form and attach the images you’d like to use. Be sure to include any design instructions for our artists to work off of.

30 pieces per player is the most common order size for a standard tournament or event.

If your team travels frequently around the country, we recommend placing a larger order early in the season. The more pins you order at a given time, the lower the cost is per piece.

Both youth and adult softball teams around the country use our trading pins. Here are just some of the leagues, tournaments, and organizations that teams have taken our pins to:

  • Aunt Rosie’s Tournaments
  • ASA Championships
  • FASA Softball
  • Little League Softball World Series
  • National Softball Association (NSA)
  • Priemer Girls Fast Pitch (PGF)
  • USA Softball
  • ….and many more