Trading Pin Add Ons


A budget way to add some sparkle to your pins. Starting at $0.10 per glitter color, per pin.


Adds sparkle and 3 dimensional feel to your pins. Great for eyes on a mascot. Starting at $0.10 per crystal.

Glow In the Dark

We can turn any color into glow in the dark. Makes your pin really stand out at night. Starting at $0.15 per glow color, per pin.


Adds a small charm to your pin attached by a chain. Starting at $0.59 per pin.


Adds an interactive smaller pin with a channel so it can slide around your main pin. Starting at $0.59 per pin.


A smaller second pin attached to the main pin, that can spin in a circle. Starting at $0.59 per pin.

Bobble Head

A second pin attached with a spring. These tend to be fragile and are best for older players. Starting at $0.84 per pin.


Adds a blinking LED light and a small battery back to the back of each pin. Starting at $0.99 per pin for the first light, $0.60 each additional.

Puzzle Pins

Puzzle pins combine 2 or more smaller pins that combine to make a larger pin. Makes for a very collectible and "valuable" pin during trading. Cost will vary based on the size and how many pieces to your puzzle.

Custom Backstamps

Add a message or logo to the back of your pin. $50 one time fee.

Laser Numbering

We can number the back of your pins which makes a rare alternative pin very sought after for trading. Starting at $0.25 per pin.

Alternative Colorways

We can change the colorway of your design. We can either use all metal plating or swap out colors to make a version of the pin more rare. One time setup fee which varies based upon on the change.

Why All Star Trading Pins?


Over 60 years of combined experience making baseball pins. Our customer service and is located in the USA.


We use the highest quality materials & hand paint each pin. Pins 1.5" or larger include 2 clutches.


We have a talented team of USA based artists. We work will work with you to design your dream trading pin.


We will match or beat any competitors pricing.